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Quality Home Inspection is the first inspection company to use Infrared Technology and perform thermal imaging in Alaska. Leading the home inspection industry in building energy analysis. 

Thermal imaging is not reserved just for residential properties.  In fact the greatest benefits of this latest technology can be seen in commercial and industrial uses.  We are trained and prepared to identify deficiencies that lead to lost revenues as a result of excessive energy consumption from poor building techniques and design as well as failures and omissions in building systems.

Thermal Imaging can locate defects in design and construction by locating areas of heat loss.  Thermal Imaging also assist in detecting and locating sources of moisture.  Deficiencies in electrical systems caused by overheating can be easily detected.  The uses of this technology is limited only by your needs.

 We use the Thermacam B2.  Manufactured by FLIR Industries, leaders in thermal imaging and thermography.